After seeing so many friends uneventfully spend their hen parties hiring male strippers who spend more time trying to look masculine…but to no avail! Not to mention those tacky dance numbers and cheesy costumes. We´ve decided it’s enough! It’s only fair to provide soon-to-be brides and their entourage with a better and more wholesome alternative.

Although our services skips the strip-tease part….and our TOPLESS BUFF BUTLERS, TOPLESS WAITERS and TOPLESS BARTENDERS shows up to your event already in their boxer briefs with optional apron, we are 100% certain that it will be more thrilling for you ladies (and guys) out there.  We wanted to provide you with a sexy and at the same time wholesome concept of having our TOPLESS BUFF BUTLERS, TOPLESS WAITERS and TOPLESS BARTENDERS serve you in their boxer briefs.

So instead of the guys dancing for you, why not just have them mix or serve your favorite food and drinks. The guys’ presence will surely make your bachelorette / hen parties, as well as your private and corporate parties and events more fun and eventful.

Our handsome TOPLESS BUFF BUTLERS, TOPLESS WAITERS and TOPLESS BARTENDERS are chosen not just by their physical attributes, but also combined with their personalities, wit and charisma. After all, our goal is to make your parties and events a meaningful one. Waiters in Boxers aim to provide you with exemplary quality service and at the same time, give you a chance to enjoy the presence of the Waiters in Boxers men.

While serving you in boxer briefs (apron optional), we are certain that it won’t be as tacky and tasteless as what others are doing. Our goal is for you to experience the NOVELTY, FUN and EXCITEMENT of having us serve you in your parties and events! Also, unlike our competitors where booking depends on whether the guys are available for an assignment, we have YOU as our priority and our guys have committed their availability to any future assignments (on a first-come, first-served basis) before we have then in our availability roll.

So, if you are looking for HOT & SEXY TOPLESS BUFF BUTLERS, TOPLESS WAITERS  and TOPLESS BARTENDERS for your next parties and events in the following cities in Germany and their vicinity: Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover,  Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart.



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